Two female recipients of the ABC program pose together with certificates ABC Recognition - 2024

ABC Recognition Program Celebrates 2022-23 Standouts

February 23, 2024

The Abbotsford School District is pleased to announce the Above and Beyond Champions (ABC) Recognition Program award recipients from the 2022-23 school year. This program highlights remarkable individuals whose contributions have profoundly impacted the district’s strategic goals, cultural ethos, and educational environment. Nominated for consideration by their peers, the 2024 award recipients were celebrated alongside their colleagues at the Long-Term Service Dinner on February 21, 2024 at the Clarion Hotel.

The ABC Recognition Program was established by the Human Resources Department in 2021 to support the work of the school district's strategic plan pillar - Progressive Workforce. Seeking to promote an engaged and motivated organizational culture that encourages and recognizes employees, the program demonstrates dedication and innovation in alignment with organizational values: Respect, Trust, Integrity, Community, and Teamwork.    
Throughout the spring of 2023, peers and leaders from across the district were invited to submit nominations online, with a total of 44 nominations being received for the 2022-23 nomination cycle. Submissions were collected in four key categories: Continuous Improvement & Innovation, Supporting Student Success, Leadership Excellence and Team Collaboration. After carefully reviewing submissions, the ABC Recognition Committee - an 8-person group of teaching, support and exempt employees - selected six individuals who demonstrated remarkable achievements and leadership in their respective roles.  

The 2024 recipients for the ABC Recognition Program are:

CARLTON HAAK | Supporting Student Success
Carlton Haak has been selected as a 2024 recipient under the "Supporting Student Success" award category for his exceptional contributions to science education. He consistently offers tailored support for a diverse range of students, creating a dynamic and inclusive learning environment. His commitment to enhancing educational access for all students, including those with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), is reflected in the significant strides in student achievement and autonomy. The positive feedback from students, who often cite his classes as a superior learning experience, underscores the effectiveness of his approach. Beyond classroom instruction, Carlton extends his support through various school activities and contributes to the professional development of Student Teachers, influencing future educators within the Abbotsford School District.  

DANIELLE ROWAND | Supporting Student Success
We recognize Danielle Rowand as a 2024 recipient in the "Supporting Student Success" category. As a Social Studies 9 teacher, Danielle has revolutionized the humanities curriculum with her innovative and engaging teaching methods. Her "island nation" project, which allows students to construct and govern fantastical countries, has notably increased student engagement within the subject area. This creative freedom, allowing students to integrate their own narratives with historical concepts through various scenarios, has transformed the educational experience. Danielle's commitment to this innovative design not only revitalizes the learning experience but exemplifies her outstanding contribution to supporting student success.

Connie Hampson and Alicia Kroeker are being honoured as the 2024 recipients in the "Team Collaboration" category for their outstanding contributions to the Abbotsford School District. Serving as Educational Assistants - and as EA mentors - within the Learning Support Services department at CORE, their collaborative efforts have significantly enhanced service delivery. Their equitable and compassionate support strategy has fostered a culture of inclusion and empowered their colleagues by emphasizing relationship-building and trust. Through their commitment to professional development, they have established monthly learning sessions that have proven essential for their peers, promoting job satisfaction and equipping them to manage complex student needs more effectively. Their joyful and positive demeanour has had a transformative effect, making their methodology a testament to their dedication to supporting student success.

ERICA HOPKINS | Continuous Improvement & Innovation:
We recognize Erica Hopkins, Principal of École Clearbrook Elementary School, as the 2024 recipient in the “Continuous Improvement & Innovation” category. Her leadership, which is deeply rooted in fostering strong relationships, has significantly uplifted the school's environment and morale, particularly following a post-COVID era. Through initiatives like the Annual Gingerbread House Staff Competitions and a focus on social-emotional learning, Erica has sparked innovation and a renewed sense of purpose among her staff team. Her vibrant personality and approachability further enhance her role as a catalyst for positive change. Known affectionately by some as "Boss Lady," Erica Hopkins is celebrated as an invaluable asset to our school community.  

COURTNEY KRAUSE | Leadership Excellence
Courtney Krause has been selected as the 2024 recipient of the “Leadership Excellence” category. As an educator with an unwavering commitment to her profession, Courtney has significantly influenced the students of Clearbrook Elementary. Her innovative and energetic approach to physical education, including themed sports days and unique fitness events, has left an indelible mark on both students and colleagues. Despite the demands of a bustling household, she brings vigour and a positive spirit to her work, fostering a nurturing environment that values and uplifts students.

2022-23 nominees also included: Claire Apostolopoulos, Tammy Armstrong, Amy Baker, Debbie Beisiegel, Taylor Bilinski, Karmen Blomquist, Shae Boone, Dimple Brar, Laura Byron, Jordan Cowley, James Dejong, Natalie de Wit​, ​Mandip Dhillon, David Epp, Facilities Department, Allison Gardner, Michelle Gill, Helene Hall, Amanda Hickey, Carole Hoeppner, Teresa Homoncik, Staff of Irene Kelleher Toti:ltawtxw, Shane Johnson, Rebecca Kandal, Chris Kelly, Sandra Kipling, Robert Kroeker, Irene Levitt, Sarah Libonati, Megan Little, Samantha McDaniel, Pat Murphy, Wendy Nelson, Raji Rai, Freda Raja, Tammy Siganakis, Kirsten Skotnistky, and Manu Veerma.

The next round of nominations is set to open in early spring 2024.

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