Group of employees holding white boxes, celebrating years of service Long Term Service - 25 Years (Group 2)

School District Honours Dedication at 2024 Long-Term Service Dinner

February 22, 2024

On February 21, 2024, the Abbotsford School District held its annual event to honour the commitment of over 150 employees. With service milestones ranging from 20 to 40 years, these individuals, from educators to administrative staff and from facilities to IT support, have been pivotal in implementing the district's mission of preparing students for a lifetime of success.

During the 2024 Long-Term Service Dinner, the district reaffirmed its appreciation for the longstanding service of its employees. Abbotsford Board of Education Chair, Shirley Wilson, expressed gratitude at the beginning of the evening: "Your dedication to our school district does not go unnoticed, especially as you play a vital role in the success of students. Outstanding employees are not easy to find, but you have managed to go above and beyond in your years of employment to show that you - each of you - are one of the best there is."

Superintendent of Schools, Sean Nosek, also acknowledged employees' hard work and impact, remarking, "Our work is not easy work, but it is important work. The kind of work that allows human beings to grow and flourish. Whatever your role in our organization may be, I know you have helped to make us better, that you understand it takes all of us to deliver on the promise to provide a world-class educational experience for every student."

We extend our deepest thanks to the following employees for their years of service, knowing that their contributions have shaped the lives of countless students:

Cheri Smith, Corinne Steffen

Kevin Britz, Monica Delparte, Taj Gahir, Pam Gill, Lorrie Lamb, Clara Lillbeck, Wayne Morris, Darlene Rayburn, Moira Testa, Lauri Wenting, Leanne Young

Laura Brar, Wendy Campbell, Carol Collins, Phyllis Collins, Michael Crawford, Dawn Dyck, Karen Farkas, Cameron Friesen, Robert Fussi, Alix Gain, Jennifer Haak, Craig Hemmerich, Sharon Huget, Christine Jordan, Norene Kitsul, Bonita Klassen, Sonia Kraljevic, Kim Macdonald, Frank Morris, Mo Nelson, Brenda Nowak, Susan Park, Shanny Paul, Scott Peters, Rebecca Rennison,  Karen Rogers, Laurie Salter, Dan Searcy, Nimmy Sidhu, Robert Sloboda, Barb Staetter, Sylvia Tudhope, Sheldon Weinkauf, Angela Wiebe, Doug Williams, Claudia Zamprogno, Kirsten Zemp

Greg Batt, Carol Block, Robin Braich, Ryan Colbert, Kevin Duliba, Shannon Dyck, Gisele Edwards, Shelley Flynn, Peggy Gilding, Leann Goertzen Loeppky, Brenda Graham, Suzanne Gravel, Helene Hall, Debbie Horsman, Tanya Johnson, Dean Johnston, Kurt Kayser, Geri Keely, Bill Kellett, Jennifer Larsen, Brenna Levings, Ian Levings, Michelle Macleod, Sandra Matiuk, Laurie Mossey, Patrick Murphy, Stephanie Nickel, Jennifer Nunnikhoven, Mike O'Donnell, Jane O'Keeffe, Heather Preiss, Robin Price, Doug Primrose, Jules Pryma, Heather Reid, Jill Roberts, Euan Roberts, Tara Schmidt, Trish Schubert, Carolyn Simms, Maria Szeman, Katarina Vlasic, Valerie Warkentin, Shelley Wautier, Joanne Weatherby, Karen White, Maria Wiens, Darla Williams, Shane Woodruff

Robyne Adlam, Margaret Bors, Jas Biring, Ryan Mcwhinney, Glenda Dyck, Mark Stevens, Greg Emery, Jennifer Kohut, Traci Majewski, Kristy Manyk, Pam Clever, Jas Piche, Brenda Thomas, Kelly Ernewin, Jerry Loeppky, Heidi Keith, Mark O'Neil, Stella Yoon, Shannon Hathaway, Deleine Perrie, Sarah Lapa, Angela Woods, Carolyn Boschmann, Leanne Wall, Mike Corrigan, Lindsay Fennell, Don Street, Corinna Ulvild, Stacey Tryon, Shay Iversen, Melissa Yeomans, Dustin Hemminger, Ryan Porth, Bo Sidhu, Becky Taylor, Stuart Turner, Christine Ross, Cory Wong